A Virtual Retreat in our Garden in Venice

Join us on the journey of re-discovering the Secret World of Venetian Herbs and Spices !! We think we could best show you glimpses of the Old World in a secret garden in Venice, which was once a monastery garden.

You can book such a virtual retreat from 28 July 2018. Virtual retreats are self-paced online courses that show you around Venice while she changes with the seasons.

You will visit the Venetian sestiere (district) Castello virtually during such a retreat, and we will show you in particular, a secret garden located just five minutes from Piazza San Marco, in which our retreats are set. Expect delicious family recipes using the ingredients growing in the garden, and many more resources on cooking and gardening in our online library, open to subscribers to the online course. You will have life-time access and we are adding resources every week.

Also in 2018, we will publish TRAVEL VENETIAN - A Responsible Online Travel Guide (ebook). In addition to Venice basics and backgrounds, travel tips, hotel and gift guides, we include social enterprises and 30 possibilities to support Venice, both on site and from your home.

This book, and our signature online course, available from September 2018 called Discover Venice in Seven Steps, are designed to contribute to share ideas and broaden the role of Venice, beyond tourism to other niche businesses, that are required to reach a structural economic equilibrium in the long run.

After all, the vocation of Venice is that of an extremely creative, innovative, warm and open city, a spirit reflected by its vibrant small and medium enterprises. Venice is a humane city which in a way, represents a countertrend in today's world. Instead of representing connectivity, she represents a stand-alone entity due to being insular, cut off from the mainland and located in the midst of a 550 km² sized Lagoon. 

It’s fascinating to see how ancient recipes are now coming alive in Venice. The conscience of the Venetian spice heritage is slowly returning, and you can find more and more restaurants in Venice making a series effort in reviving it.

Cooking in the Lagoon and in Venice has always been based on two traditions: On the one hand, Venetians always used local ingredients from the Lagoon islands (Sant’Erasmo, Le Vignole, Mazzorbo, the Litorale and estuario areas around Cavallino and Treporti area. In many dishes, Venetian chefs also use herbs growing on the barene and velme (muddy sandbanks in the Lagoon).

On the other hand, from the 9th century AD, the richer population in Venice (noblemen, merchants) took advantage of the spices arriving in town: The wealth of Levantine spices unloaded in Venice wasn’t just destined for immediate export but used in Venice to cook and create beauty products, natural remedies and perfumes, and also to . The profession of spezier developed, an expert in making remedies from spices. Spices were used to cook with and to make health remedies and beauty products.

We do think that this knowledge is useful in our times ... and we will cover these topics in our virtual retreats :-)


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