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Seasons Greetings from Venice: BEAUTY

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"Duri i banchi" - a Venetian expression of the 16th century, that made it to all corners of the world during the series of devastating acqua alta on 12-17 November 2019. It means to keep heads down, focus and be courageous. An essential component to thrive and keep the city alive after disasters in the past were the pine trees of Venice: Their leaves, bark and root were burnt to disinfect the air after epidemics and even after flooding, releasing essential oils that do their miraculous work.

This is to recall the pine trees of the Giardinetti, next to Piazza San'Marco, that were severely damaged during the floods. As of now, it's uncertain if they - a symbol of Venice - will survive or not. So far, they have shown to be courageous ..


Your download includes 7 digital papers - greeting cards - invitation cards variations. 

50 percent of proceeds from the Digital Paper Sale go to support the restoration work of the mosaics in the Basilica di San Marco, severely damaged during the floods in November 2019.

From Venice with LOVE - HOPE - WARMTH

This Thanksgiving and Holiday Season is different in Venice. The city was devastated by three floods within four days (12-17 November), and many animals lost their homes while islands and gardens were destroyed. There's a lot to be thankful for now, but many are in need of help. If you buy from this online store, we will donate 50 percent of proceeds to DINGO, a private association taking care of homeless cats in Venice and the Lagoon.