Our Story

Rediscovering the forgotten culinary culture of Venice and how spices were used in the past is an adventure ... this is why we set up La Spezeria, Spice Atelier, to share our recipes and more insights into Venice! La Spezeria is set in a special garden, consisting of a rambling terracescape, fruit trees (pomegranates, figs, olives, and wines) and an edible garden, on the premises of the former monastery of San Zaccaria. Grandmother Lina, who has taken care of the ancient garden since 1968, and I have been working on reconstructing historical recipes for food, perfumes, natural remedies and beauty products, and are learning a lot from the forgotten books and documents from the San Zaccaria library.

We open La Spezeria virtually in late July 2018 and can't wait to show you around and share ancient recipes with you. In 2015, Lina and I started La Venessiana, our Venice lifestyle blog, and were welcomed so warmly into a growing community of Venetophiles, frequent travelers and people interested to learn more about the forgotten culinary heritage of the Republic of Venice, forgotten 200 years ago when the Venetian state ceased to exist.

La Spezeria is such a lush gardenscape, which you see when we open doors during our upcoming, seasonal virtual retreats. There are kumquat, oranges, lemons, tangerines, damascene roses, uva fragola grapes, red currants, usedfor cooking, baking and making syrups, mustards and preserves.