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Gift Card: Venetia: Venice Heritage and Culture Online Class

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Have someone in your life who loves (visiting) Venice? A hobby (or professional!) cook who would like to learn about Venetian culinary culture, Somebody interested in Venetian culture and heritage, plus a bundle of e-guides to get started with? Give them the gift of an online class so they can start their New Year with Venice! 

For more details on the class, please click here.

You receive a beautiful gift card (pdf download) with all the access details to the online class, for you to forward to the person receiving your gift!


How our gift cards work:

  1. Immediately after payment has gone through, you will receive a Gift Card (pdf), or several ones, as you ordered.
  2. Please download the pdf Gift Card(s) and forward it / them to the person(s) you would like to give the gift to.
  3. The gift card contains all information required to access the gift.